Lucky’s Café – Soup delivery

for Health Care Professionals

Lucky’s Café is incredibly thankful for all health care professionals putting in long, hard hours during the COVID- 19 pandemic. To contribute, using our unique abilities, we have decided to start donating soup to staff at the local hospitals. We would love to nourish and energize the many Nurses and Doctors who are on the frontlines of this pandemic.  

"My little sister is a nurse in a local hospital. Everyday I watch the news and hear lots of versions of what’s  going on. These amazing Nurses and Doctors show up to work everyday knowing they are potentially putting themselves and their family at risk but they still show up. No words adequately express the awe and gratitude I feel.  I wanted to find a way to thank health care professionals for their efforts and let them know we are here for them and this is the best version of a big hug that I can give them. We are a small independently owned business that is struggling every day to keep our doors open so we are starting off with a small budget but a big intention. This donation is providing my staff something positive to focus on and a way for all of them to show their love and appreciation. If any of our customers would like to donate  a little something we will continue to turn your gifts into food that we can deliver to these very deserving people. Our first donation and delivery will be this Sunday to Lutheran hospital. We will be delivering gallons of potato Parmesan soup in single portion microwaveable containers so that they can eat when they get a well earned break. Big, big, big love"

- Heather Haviland, Chef/Owner of Lucky’s Cafe

Lucky’s Café will be donating the use of our kitchen, crew, and ingredients to make this possible. While we want to do everything we can, as a small business impacted by COVID-19, we know we cannot possibly do this alone. Please consider making a donation to help purchase the produce and supplies that are required to donate food at this volume. By making this donation you will not only be supporting health care workers, but also supporting the locally owned farms across Ohio who have also been impacted deeply by the closing of restaurants across the state.

Thank you for your love and support.

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